Astrophotography Image Stacking

This week I thought Id show you guys how to reduce noise in photoshop. This technique requires you to take a series of images of the night sky and stack them. I first start out in lightroom with my color edit and then instead of reducing noise in lightroom I then select my images and open each image as its own layer in photoshop. Once the images are in photoshop you need to align the stars from each layer otherwise this edit will not work. Once the stars are aligned you then convert all the layers to a smart object. Once that is loaded you need to apply a median stack mode. What this does it takes each and every pixel and averages out the color what this does is it gets rid of any stay color noise and sensor noise. Now all that is needed to be done is a crop and export!

I hope you enjoyed this astrophotography photoshop tutorial I really had fun making it and I'm not sure if this technique of editing is that widely known!

jeremy lewisComment