How To Shoot Cinematic Footage

I believe setting your shutter speed to be super important as having 24fps is what cinematic Hollywood films are shot at and its what we are used to seeing in films. If you use a higher frame rate of 30 or 60 fps it can give a look like reality TV. on the contrary, if you shoot at a higher frame rate you can transform it down to 24fps to get slow motion which helps smooth down any camera shake. You then can adjust your aperture to get the desired depth of field and if need be you can add artificial lighting or even bump up your ISO however that will increase the noise in the film. shooting in a flat picture profile or in 'LOG' is super important to get a greater dynamic range as well as gives you the ability to color grade and color correct your film cinematically. If your cinematic footage isn't shot with a flat picture profile you have no way to color grade or adjust it to the way you want. Movement is massive and I encourage you to watch tv and films and analyze why and how they move the camera a create emotion from those movements.

jeremy lewisComment